Natal Day

Tulus1 Jun 2012

Natal Day - Tulus

Written by:Tulus


Benighted scene by the darkened lake


In the gloomfull dispiriting black


Born from a mother not awake


Blood is the solitary track

Knifelike rain in cuttings wind


Lashed against a dying mother's face

The owls sighed the reaper grinned


Human scent so easily traced


Harvester of the dead


Inescapably led


To her inalterable bed


Left on the soaked moss her male child


Attracting the creatures of the woods


Some in fury some beguiled


Greed gave triumph to the wolf

Taken to the damp and noisome lair


Fed on the flesh from his mater


Sleeping and waking unaware

Evermore faithful but a traitor


Cold appalled awaken


Never meant to be taken


By the harvester of the forsaken


***Lirik didapat dari pihak ketiga***

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