On the Dancefloor (feat. will.i.am & apl.de.ap)

David Guetta, will.i.am, apl.de.ap2011年8月5日


On the Dancefloor (在舞池中) - David Guetta (大衞.格塔)/will.i.am/apl.de.ap

Feel that heat risin' hard

Hear that beat turn it up

They be movin' that's what's up

They be they be on the cup

On the cup do that dance

Got me lookin' in a trance

Just like fire Russian dance

Someone call the ambulance

I like it you like it

We like futuristic

Just ride it don't fight it

Get down to the music

Don't stop it can't rock it

It's coming like a bullet

It's burnin' like fire

So go ahead and lose it

Turn it up


Turn it up

Break it down

Shake it up

Mix it now

D A V I D technique for the dance floor

Will I - is a work precision

I be cuttin' right concision

Guetta ghetto for the dance floor

The G the you the T the T the A the AA we all play

We be we be ro-ro-ro-rockin this sh-sh-sh- right every day

Feel the sound powerful

Mega broads on overload

Electric city pumpin' on the dance floor