Lirik AV

AV - Hunny Madu/Al Caponey/Nadhira

Written by:Kuhan Kunasegaran


Terus terang sebab dia dah sell out aku queen of hiphop

Cakap lepas respected for bringing real art

Rhyme macam genius bagi makan sebab korang lapar

Jangan tiru lirik itu kurang hajar

Hunny madu diri gagah dengan pendirian

Beza dengan kau lemah dalam pemikiran


Siapa yang kisah dengan lagu lagu kau

Jangan terasa sayang bila kau tak dihirau

I keep my flowing old skooling but im confusing my opponents

Madu juice on the loose smoothly arranging consonants

Kalau suka biar verse aku diulangi

Sebab bilaku habis habis y'all say haa nak lagi

I'm like heisenberg

Jangan nak masuk campur

When geek turns bad ini urusan kotor

I'm like the new ms hill minus the crazy

So boys

U know u better watch me


Cough it up time to pay

No more getting this honey for free

That's wassup I don't play

Honey pot's closed indefinitely

3 years in no diamond ring t

His sh*t is getting boring

I been your rock now rock me up

Or homie you'll be sorry

Real man or what bossman

Or not whatever man man the f**k up

Don't take a genius to figure it out

If there's no poney then nothing would work

Raise the bar raise the bar raise the bar hey raise it

Then twerk twerk twerk twerk twerk twerk twerk

Yeah I'm a real woman like bey said we independent

Good bad I'm all that

Godd**n it I'm an institution

Pay my own bills just keepin' it real

Baby it ain't easy looking this trill

Do all the cooking and cleaning in heels well done me

Calling calling me a ho yeah

I put the ho in hostile

It's that

Time of the month so let me put these flows out

I do it like a gymnast

Watch me as I flip it up

Used to be a man's world now the

Women's gonna be on top top top top


























Supri mou jiu diu style


Said I was having dreams

Up in my head laid in my bed

I'm imagining

Cold sweat don't fear my brethren entering heaven don't kill me yet

I'm not ready to leave be

Grinding my sh*t the people that stabbed a knife in my back

Is the same old crew that be sucking

My jack touching my twat

And be kissing my crack

I'm so sick of them telling me lies said

I never make it watch me go break it

For the record god they must be delirious

Can't believe that I'm curious

Over pretentious bad b**ches that don't mean sh*t to me

Look at me I'm the f**k change in the industry

Show me what I'm fronting got every reason to be counting

My ringgit and cents

Coz that's where it went my heart and soul

The warm and the cold through the vines yeah I heard it

Everything sounds so familiar images look so similar

The colors remind me of earlier

Days and day I lay back my henny

Be talking to me b**ches be

Watching me smoking this tree

I be back on my feet back on the beat

You got something to say come down

This way don't f**k up with my day

Talk to me or get outta my face

I'll show you how to behave beyatch


Memang malu kalau aku tak rap dalam lagu ini

Semua tahu takkan lengkap kalau kayda takda sini

Yang lain tengah marah mcm mana boleh begini

Siapa cakap gadis rap tak boleh jadi bini

Emosi ku jadi stabil aku bekerja keras

Kau buat duit banyak belum boleh beli kelas kelas

Biar kenyang ilmu bagai satu cupak beras beras

Jangan minda hanyut pemahaman tidak jelas jelas

Kau kutuk aku macam buku dosa kau jernih

Jangan bodoh sombong kau masih anak benih

Tunjuk salah orang lain sebab tak pernah letih

Cerminkan diri kau jangan nak berlagak lebih

Mulut kau seperti badan

Orang yang berdaki

Kalau pandai sangat kenapa nak kena maki

Cuba cari ketenangan dan terangkan hati

Sebab aku takkan lemahkan diri sampai mati


I'm psycho black gecko

Ain't devilish but im cracko

Im feisty im nasty

It's a fussy 90's baby

I do it like a brother do it better than a dude

So shut it down pack it all back to your hood

We mad as a hatter mad as a march hare

Got tiaras in ma mouth spittin' diamonds in the air

Attitude your attitude it gets

Crazy with the four days act of rude

She a queen by the dawn and a cray by the night

Im rubbabend and I need no musk

Muthugale kuttere vena thou

Nanom vazhaiyile sikkatha meena

Manasana manasu manasu illama kollare

Ulagathle poradum paavi nana killin

Uh if you cold and I snap for

The bold and I snap for the ladies

Coz we're goin outa control

Coz I always smell like a winner

Take a ride around my beemer

Aint nobody stoppin me im a dreamer

Take your fonies back in a backpack

Coz I might just snap back

Uh if you cold and I snap for the bold and

I snap for the ladies coz we're goin outa control




I be pushin' up my verses like I'm at the gym

Push one push two but don't call me slim

'Cause my body and my curves they be slippin' in

Tight jeans yeah my denims got you faded in

Tell a bad b**ch that I run this game

F**k my yon don't forget my name

KL reppin' but I'm chillin in hawaii mayne

Uh spark that flame

Fire crackin' till the dawn try to stay awake

They sleeping on you baby I take no breaks

Don't hate I don't date but

I'm looking for that soulmate

On another level like I'm floatin' outer space

This ain't a race baby I'm on third base

Leave no trace up off my face

Watch my pace

I'm about to blaaaze

I be I be I be I be on that college grind

Rapper hungry tell you blunty I'm a rare find

Shine so brightly like a diamond in a dark mine

Run the streets like a quarter back front line


Yeah imma show you how it's done




Uh uh uh uh uh uh let's blazeee

Kill all these b**ches in 9 heel stilettos

I rock my adidas and sip amaretto

My swag is outrageous I flow like moscato

I echo you let go I walk fast you sip slow

Don't mistake for a rapper with no content



I'm underground I'm god sent

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