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Rini25 Mei 2017

Lirik Mondays

Mondays - Rini

Noses red pockets blue

It's raining on a Monday too

I just came back from California

Diesel yeah Liza Minnelli racy

Straight up you should never leave your girl in Bali

She might like it too much and never come back help me

If that happens then who's gonna supply you with stokeys

To any friends you share a deck of cigarettes with

Nobody say when you went for your happiness girl

But you can't really blame them

They'll never see through your eyes

They'll never feel how you feel

They'll never know what you've been through

'Cause now I got no money to spend no job no job

Hit up the family friend one love one love

It's cool you followed a trend my God my God

I might just say to pretend

Watch stars and stay up 'til it's past 12

Think about days that we all know the same

When your mum's on your back and a girl in your brain

With the time that we lost and the money that we gain

When the buses stop and it rain and it rain

When we were all lost we found Mary Jane

When having fun at all costs didn't cost a thing

Now I'm caught between my Monday blues and weekend highs

Missing out and cutting ties

Mad Monday to grind a snooze

Money made in time we lose

Weekdays when we grind and weekends when we cruise

Steady making rules yes I pay my dues dues

For broken hearts to be here

Broke to kissing girls and getting dough

From buying clothes and smoking dro

Summer suns and winter blows

And eyeing signs to know what's low

Stressing out it goes it goes

As we grow we know we glow

Hope we flip defeat you flow

And my years tears and fears show up to be something great

Always kill time but I am forever late

I never tate above the hate

Showing love 'til we are reaching heaven's gate

Are reaching heaven's gate

Sometimes I wish I came for your escape plan

Run away from the pain trap it straight man

I been blowing up for days on the same strand

Was riding on these waves like a baby name

In my waste land

Don't wanna be a waste man


Don't wanna be a waste man no