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Garage Room Freestyle (Reel It In) (Explicit)

Number9ok14 Okt 2020

Lirik Garage Room Freestyle (Reel It In) (Explicit)


Garage Room Freestyle(Reel It In) (Explicit) - Number9ok

Lyrics by:Number9ok

Composed by:Number9ok

Aight this no cuss words

This one take too

I'm not doin' two takes this 9 9

You know what I'm sayin'

Ya'll better hit it I swear


Blast off blast off Work


Ooh like a rocket go


I jumped out the car then I Work


Blast off swag swag swag work


Fishing pole reel it in Work


It's me and my friends Work


Walk in walk out let's go Work


Ay walk it out walk it out Work yeah


Cha cha cha cha Work yeah


Boy who you is Work


What are those Work


Slide back slide up Work


Lean left lean right Work


Ay dip lean swag Work yeah


I'm walking with my bag Work


You know what it is


Yo this work the f**k

Ah I'm about to hit that

Nine nine

Work work work work work work work work work


I swear for