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X Offender (Live)

Blondie3 Nov 2022

Lirik X Offender (Live)


I saw you standing on the corner

You looked so big and fine

I really wanted to go out with you

So when you smiled

I laid my heart on the line

Blondie X Offender

You read me my rights and then you said

Let's go and nothing more

I thought of my nights and how they were

They were filled with


I know you wouldn't go

You'd watch my heart burst then you'd step in

I had to know so I asked you just had to laugh

We sat in the night with my hands cuffed at my side

I look at your life and your style


I wanted nothing more

Walking the line you were a marksman

Told me that law like wine is ageless

Public defender

You had to admit you wanted the love of a ***offender

My vision in blue I call you from inside my cell

And in the trial you were there with your badge and rubber boots

I think all the time how I'm going to perpatrate love with you


And when I get out there's no doubt I'll be ***offensive to you