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落日飞车1 Mei 2019

Lirik Vanilla

Vanilla - 落日飛車

词:曾国宏 Tseng Kuo Hung

曲:曾国宏 Tseng Kuo Hung


First time I met you in America

You showed me the way

To your lonely Mars

Where I tumbled down

Where I fall apart

Would you let me call your name


Later you moved to Venezuela

Morphing to flowers blossom

In the park

I begged the sun for

Keeping you unharmed

Would you let me climb

On your stems

And pick up all your gems

I'll seed it in the sand

Could be November

You'll understand

Next time we meet

Won't be too long await


Are you flying alone to Florida

Storms on the radar

It's raining hard tonight

I'll be the shelter

In your abandoned yard

It's last time I call your name


I was the pilot of the shooting star

I've been to places

Now on your lonely Mars


Weaving villa in the dark