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Man On These Streets (Explicit)

Chamillionaire12 Jul 2016

Lirik Man On These Streets (Explicit)

I mean somebody gonna have to get a n***a on the phone

Know what I'm saying

Straight up We gotta get to the bottom of this


Houston there's a problem


I must have missed that news bulletin

Ain't fell off baby

Still here baby

Thousands and thousands of mixtapes strong

It's the Messiah n***a

It's the king Koopa

You know who that is


Last time I checked I was the man on these beats

And they say it's all about supply and demand on these streets

Chamillitary's that label they demanding for me

Give a d**n about a rapper I'm the man on these beats

Look at the game look at these lames

Looks like it's lame season

Fit in the game get in the game

Quick and I ain't leaving

Sitting on swangs switching the lane

Fifth in my bang beatin huh

I'm doing my thing man you blind if you ain't seeing

Cause I'm the d**est rapper from Houston if they don't mention dog

Ask him and if he don't say me then he one that prevents it y'all

Uh uh

It ain't gone happen 'cause I was meant to ball

I can't help it

They get mad look in the wind and the fender falls

So I protect my pot of gold like a leprechaun


Without the green suit I'd rather put a weapon on

Boys on the eastside like them two n***as next to John

Now they say Chamillionare equal to the letters next to Bun


And the answer to the game huh

So you still lose whether you get it right or get it wrong

They said I would fall off

But they didn't write it down in stone

Talking low but I hear every word like that whisper song


I'm young rich and flagrant

Tell the referee that I'm foul

He just ran into my first


That n***a slipped and it said pow