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Where Could He Be

Donna Cruz6 Jan 2002

Lirik Where Could He Be

Where Could He Be - Donna Cruz

I sit by my window


Gazing out into the starry night


If only i have someone with whom to share

Such a lovely sight


Seems i've wished upon every star i see

For someone to come along and be

My one true friend and love


He's all i'm dreaming of


Someone with whom to share whatever life may bring


Someone who'll be my joy my strenght my everything

Someone who'll miss me when we're apart


Who's heart i'll own and who'll own my heart


Oh how i hope and pray


He'll find me someday


Where Could he be


Will i spend a lifetime searching endlessly

For that someone to hold


And call my own

Oh where could he be


Heaven help him find his way to me


Sometimes i wonder

If i'll ever really find him at all


When the time is right will he be

There to catch me when i fall


Seems its really only a matter of time


Before he walks into this life of mine


Well waiting is all i can do


Will my dreams ever come true


Repeat Chorus


Heaven help him


Find his way to me