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Maybe Another Time

Feng Suave20 Mac 2020

Lirik Maybe Another Time

作曲 : Daniël Schoemaker/Daniel De Jong

作词 : Daniël Schoemaker/Daniel De Jong/Adura Sulaiman/Kike Zwagerman

The sunlight stabs my eyes

There’s birds perching on the powerlines

I wonder if you woke in someone’s arms

and if you’d ever consider mine

The swaying shades of acacias

in flower arrangements suggest

That it’s time for me to be a man

Or else with what regrets

Would I be left to live forever

The sky hangs undisturbed like a static pond

Oh world, may you be preserved just as you are when I return

The scent of evening air is cinnamon sweet here

But it’s lost on my lungs breathing in

The sunlight stabs my eyes

(It stabs my eyes)

There’s ferns running up the traffic signs outside


I tell the ether all of my desires and she says


“Maybe another time”

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