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Yoyoy Villame3 Apr 2019

Lirik Magellan

Magellan (麦哲伦) - Yoyoy Villame

On March 16 1521


When Philippines was discovered by Magellan


They were sailing day and night across the big ocean


Until they saw a small Limasawa island


Magellan landed in Limasawa at noon


The people met him very welcome on the shore


They did not understand the speaking they have done


Because Kastila gid at Waray-Waray man


When Magellan landed in Cebu City


Rajah Humabon met him they were very happy


All people were baptized and built the church of Christ

And that's the beginning of our Catholic life


When Magellan visited in Mactan


To christianize them everyone


But Lapu-Lapu met him on the shore


And drive Magellan to go back home


Then Magellan got so mad


Ordered his men to camouflage


'Mactan island we could not grab


'Cause Lapu Lapu is very hard'


Then the battle began at dawn


Bolos and spears versus guns and cannons


When Magellan was hit on his neck


He stumble down and cried and cried


Oh mother mother I am sick


Call the doctor very quick


Doctor doctor shall I die


Tell my mama do not cry


Tell my mama do not cry


Tell my mama do not cry


That's the end of Magellan

In the island of Mactan long time ago


Ladies and gentlemen