(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman


寧為女人 (A Natural Woman) - 順子

Don't go changing


To try and please me


You never let me down before


Don't imagine


You're too familiar


And i don't see you anymore


I would not leave you


In times of trouble


We never could have come this far


I took the good times


I'll take the bad times


I'll take you just the way you are


I need to know that you will always be


The same old someone that i knew


What will it take till you believe in me


The way that i believe in you


I said i love you


And that's forever


And this i promise from the heart


I couldn't love you


Any better


I love you just the way you are


I don't want clever conversation


I never want to work that hard


I just want someone that i can talk to


I want you just the way you are