Pimps, Hustlas (Intro)

E-40, James "Stomp Down" Bailey2002年6月25日


Pimps, Hustlas (Intro) - E-40/James "Stomp Down" Bailey

Written by:Earl Stevens/Louis King/Anthony Gilmour


Yea mayne you dig we just sittin at d round

Table mayne wid dis rosci dosci mayne

Slope down an e 40 mayne you dig

Gay whoopaz an ear snippaz mayne you dig

This is how we do this sh*t mayne everyday mayne

Teel cap short chanins con game dope game pimp game

Street game wichita switch long range short chains con game

Pissin game

Gangsta game slang an slum

Dis is what a real street gang came from

We pops dis yabba dabba que wid d squiddi wib two

Stitched together wid dis shibbira shibbira shibbira shibbira

Knee knockin na na nicki na nicki nee nacki na

Na nicki na

Yea we do dis sh*t from Spain to spokane from

D golden gate to d frozen state

'Cause you know earth is our turf we check d first first

Lookin at d paperwork to make sho we know what

It's worth

Wid ma knee in d back an a ass soon to track

Wid new cleats on d feet d hoe be walkin

So hard she be breakin d concrete

Talkin about dem sockadillic type dem philly wahnichies hajitashi motorachi

Chocolate covered honey coated have it for me you dig

Who sock it to 'em pocket like d stock market

In d dope style

You dig 'cause it's pimpin b**ch

Pimpin b**ch

Pimpin b**ch

Pimpin b**ch