Don't Ever Play Yourself

DJ Khaled, Jadakiss, Fabolous, Fat Joe2016年8月5日


Don't Ever Play Yourself (自欺欺人) (Explicit) - DJ Khaled (DJ哈立德)/Jadakiss/Fabolous (神奇小子)/Fat Joe (肥仔喬)

DJ Khaled:


DJ Khaled


Put them down count the money let 'em see the work yeah

That's the definition of a major key alert

Another ni**a gotta die won't be the first nah

Won't be the last all we see is cash yeah

Your real story don't match what you rappin' 'bout liar

So keep the movies in stop actin' out

And I ain't talking 'bout no watch or no cars neither

Everything will get copped at Allah's leisure

Was a crack monster I had the hard fever

Switch from the bald head to the dark Caesar

Used to be the capsules now they love the plastics

I ain't tryna get caught up in this thug-rap sh*t never

Rather be bumper to bumper in drug traffic

Cash on deck whenever the plug ask it

You don't sweat the small things they become drastic

Next thing is cremation or a casket

F**k fallin' back I need all of that

I need my name in the coc*ine almanac Jada

Real d**e boy put me in the hall of smack

Went to job interviews they ain't call us back


Either way I ain't never evil

Why do you think the streets love me I ain't never leave 'em

Heart stops but the words are forever breathing


You hatin' cause we the best find a better reason


First thing first don't ever play yourself ever

Oh another thing I ain't ever play myself never

Even when they all changed up I stayed myself it's me

Did what worked for me then bossed up and paid myself

See I'm showin' up a K off gain a Rollie a day off

Still got that work I don't know about no layoffs

Team still ballin' so I guess we in the playoffs swish

Team full of baddies all my b**ches in a slayoff

See we be in the party wasted no part of fake sh*t

Nothin' but love 'round me Cartier bracelets

I feel like Frank White walkin' into Arty Clay sh*t

You *s got fat while everybody starved

My city don't sleep I ain't ever noddin' off

When you're in the Benz it piss everybody off

So I ain't stall I do me I ain't y'all

This New York ni**a let 'em hang giant balls

Odell Beckham respect him you can't check him

Blindside hoes hit me when I don't expect 'em hey bighead


Then I hit 'em with the curve from the major league


Gotta wait your turn that's a major key

Fat Joe:

Mami yellin' I'm the greatest

Back to back with the slow cum

In the lane I got her so strung I don't even know her

Every night I meet a new wife

Now ask your wife what this dick like

Balmain Joe every time you see a ni**a flee

Mr. Officer I was only grabbin' ID

Mami only listen to Romeo

Wild cowboy I be speakin' through the yayo

Bout to let the cans go woah

F**k your b**ch and let your mans know so

Yeah now it's the Don in the Don couple laughs in the Uber

Only drivin' Uber cause I'm franchised in Cuba

This is big money talk and you tied to the sideline

Brian Scalabrine *s always tryna high five

Gotta stay away from day driftin' all sauce

Every day Vera Wang ni**a cloth talk



Now I'm takin' over everything like that's my callin'

Wakin' up in p**sy like beautiful Sunday mornin'

Now we swimmin' in the money like a line of dolphins

Prepare for killin' now please line up all of the coffins


Think we playin'

*s think it's funny

Pop you in your sh*t brotha now make room for the money


If you don't move I'll beat a ni**a past painful


Make a fool of yourself I'll beat you past shameful

I get this bread and shine like an angel

One of the last with bars you *s better be grateful

Thank you so much

I Diddy bop and drop on you *s

I count bread and take it to the top on you *s Mountaintop

Blah blah blah blah you sound alike my *s

Blah blah but when I do it I finesse I got it locked my *s

I give you new brand sh*t f**k you gon' do

And know we love the boom bap oh yeah we do this too

Yeah f**k with the realer side oh you against us ni**a

You better run and hide until I'm finished ni**a

Don't play yourself

Play yourself and lay yourself dead in a casket

Pray yourself end in a basket

Hate yourself cause you ain't ask if you could possess you a heater

Or you could be you a leader for the people

You talk a lot I've seen the truth like Sevyn Streeter

Don't you ever play yourself



I saw a lot of *s fade out right after I put my tape out

I offered to help you shape up I see that you'd rather flake out

Sellin' stories on them tracks that nobody can seem to make out

That's why I keep a good head and shoulders to keep all the flakes out

Seen a lot of singles chart on and off durin' the climb up

I bet if I had the clippers they prolly all had a line up

You worried 'bout your followers so hurt when I follow up

It's the ones with the most pride end up bein' the swallowers

F**k a beat for a verse when I could do all three

No pop artist but pop is what you rappers do call me

A lot of washed out *s tryna find hope in

I'm just tryna raise a son like my blinds' open

I know the hood well but glad I ain't stuck in the streets

I'm pop chartin' but hood *s got my song on repeat

I'm still loaded with illest ammo up under the seat

I'm playin' hopscotch with all the charts up under my feet

While you do it for the 'Gram I do it for my Grammy

F**k a gold trophy I'm talkin' my mom's mammy

You gotta finish bigger than you start

Don't fall victim to bent stories you ain't even part of it all

Start from the bottom or oh please don't start at all

I build a ship just to survive my own flood I feel like Noah

Cause all he had was little rocks an ark that's all

Road to riches I'm still in gear while you park your car

Your baby wanna get nailed in the sprinter Lexus

Text back and told her

Please be hammered so you can sex us

My arm strong if Louisiana then tell her Texas

And if it's not immediate then don't even send a message

FYI I'll be free 'round 2 or 3

And two things you gotta be New Orleans

I'm an organ donor I'm alive with no heart in me

So never say my name in vain cause b**ch there's no arteries