Everything But The Girl的專輯Temperamental


Everything But The Girl2000年1月1日 1 首歌


Cool but not chilly at all, Everything but the Girl's Temperamental is the sound of the sweetest melancholy. Tracey Thorn's lyrics and vocals here are among her most affecting, tracing patterns of loss, loneliness, and a slightly unsettled happiness. This electronic pop makes for the perfect winter sound, as warm and bracing as a sip of cognac.
有關Temperamental :

對於粉絲來說,Temperamental 是一張不容錯過的專輯。它於 2000年1月1日 發行,Temperamental 由Everything But The Girl 等歌手推出。這張專輯包含 1 首歌曲,每一首作品充分表達出其專輯概念。只要上JOOX,你便能立即欣賞Temperamental 中的高音質歌曲、歌詞和MV,一同沉浸在美妙的音樂體驗中吧!