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Pray 4 Love

Travis Scott, The Weeknd1 ก.ย. 2015


Pray 4 Love (为爱祈祷) (Explicit) - Travis Scott/The Weeknd

Oh no pray for love


Oh say love

Just ask the lonely oh


Just ask the lonely oh

Pray for who lost they fate and died too young

Pray for the ones I hate the ones I love

Pray for my liver when I'm off in this club

I pray that the demons go away they hauntin' us

Man I can't take no more of this lifestyle we been livin'

Man I can't take no more of the white powers in position

Gotta grab OJ wheel gotta scoop up J Rich

Told Chase we ain't goin' back you know we gotta hitch

I mean I'm aggravated agitated I admit

Intoxicated animated got me feelin' kinda lit

Contemplatin' fornicatin' might as well f**k up some sh*t

They lookin' at me way too crazy got me feelin' communist

But I'm just tryin' to save the throne pray for Bones pray for Stix

If my album never sell then we gon' hit that lick

Tell Lamar call up Cash tell him buzz me at the Ritz

It's the weekend we off the deep end you need to pray for us


Oh no pray for love


Oh say love


Just ask the lonely oh


Just ask the lonely oh




Have you ever been through life's


Challenges Promises Promises


Get down I pray


Let me tell the lost tale about Jacques

Let me tell you how I turned Scott

How I went down on the block

Where to fall around ten o'clock

And how we came up gettin' all the knots dodgin' cops yeah

'Fore a ni**a had the locks

'Fore a ni**a had the chain 'fore I had the box

Always kept my city on me like it was a swatch

Every time we in the party took it up a notch

Now I'm thinkin' 'bout this new girl and she doin' pop Ohhh

Wanna know my dick longer than a Pringle box

Don't pray for love

Tired of seein' these black kids on the face of FOX Ohhh

And f**k CNN they don't wanna see us win Said I

Mama don't you worry no no more worry no no more

I'mma take you from the first to the ninety floor

You always told me what I'm playin' that sh*t gotta grow

And anything I detonate that sh*t gotta blow

Pray for love

No oh


We don't pray for love no more

We don't wanna see you on the cover of running


We don't wanna see you on the news no more


All alone


Underrated is an understatement

They tryin' to test greatness a ni**a tryin' to get paid

These niggas fiends watchin' all of my moves

Cause the music like crack on me cookin' all day


I'm right here you know where I stay

And if you don't then ask your girl she probably know the way

She like my show lights she want to be wifey

She know that if she got me then she gon' be good for life

So I pull out 'fore the climax

Faster than a hi-hat sorry baby I don't play

And if I did you know my kids would be ballin'

And my daughter gon' never meet a ni**a like me


My niggas pull up in that Rolls-Royce

Like they sell that coke boy shout out to the Coke Boys

They never pray for us nobody pray for us

Nobody pray no no no no no


Oh no pray for love


Oh say love just ask the lonely

Just ask the lonely oh just ask the lonely