Rihanna28 ม.ค. 2016



Higher - Rihanna

Written by:Ernest Dion Wilson/Badriia "Bibi" Bourelly/Robyn Fenty/James Fauntleroy


This whiskey got me feelin' pretty


So pardon if I'm impolite


I just really need your a** with me


I'm sorry 'bout the other night

And I know I could be more creative


And come up with poetic lines


But I'm turnt up off sizz' and I love you


Is the only thing that's in my mind


You take me higher higher than I've ever been babe

Just come over let's pour a drink babe

I hope I ain't calling you too late too late

You light my fire


Let's stay up late and smoke a J

I wanna go back to the hallway

But I'm drunk and still with a full ash tray

With a little bit too much to say