Super Soldier Serum

Czarface, Ghostface Killah14 ก.พ. 2019



What then?

Can I help?

Holdin' it down

Check me out, yo

The first hundred thousand, I'm fast to go shoppin'

Blow stacks, no ho hoppin', my flag, she show stoppin'

Tag poppin', no cold rocks in the Goldschlager

Persona so proper, not even the stove hotter

After the bankrolls no chasin' the rainbows

Whips and the chains glows, you know how the game goes

The Czar synergy, ten volts of energy

Benny Blanco from the Bronx

I make 'em remember me

Let your hands hit the ceilin'

your mans with the dealings

Old habits like Hank Williams

they mad, they in their feelings

I'm beastin', they hardly eatin' when I'm speakin'

Shine like MJ, spotlight beamin' off the sequins

Deeper than Shaq pool, you feelin' that track too?

Czar, Ghostface, main reason they act fool

The flow so sick I wrote it in Cedars-Sinai

Bomb thrown, blow 'em sky-high, leave 'em wide-eyed

It's like that, son

An asset to the rhymin' biz

No, I don't believe we've been introduced

I'm back, to a nice ovation

Shine like a diamond by myself, call it isolation

Words be crusty, beats be dirty and dusty

Girls be flirty and lusty, dirty and busty

Yo, the flow real, like human interaction

Yours predictable like rappers movin' into fashion

My style Battlecat, you a Cringer, just a coward

You take the largest L

'cause loser's hard to spell without it

I'm part sleek and fly, part geeky guy that likes CGI

Part smack you, I don't need a reason why

He could lie on your sweetie pie, thinkin' Caesar five

F*ck with Czarface, now that's how people die

Hey mark, my fade sharp, my stage smart

Braveheart, back from the dead like Ray Park

I mean, Darth Maul for y'all, you wanna step, too?

Your bars trash, need your own tapper to the rescue

How can I help?

How'd he get in there?

Never mind that! How'd he get out?

Yeah, yo, yo, yo

I'm low key like a government official

Deep under the surface like a piece of bone gristle

No keys to the entrance, just facial scannin'

And 2.6 chandeliers with cameras

And the bearskin rug programmed to attack

Sharks in the crib, no coordinates on the map

Off the grid, Maxwell Smart is how I live

Daniel Craig, Casino Royale, I'm so slick

Armani suits, the linen is flame resistant

Which means I can't be scorched or burnt up in it

My glasses x-ray, my phone got a mind of it's own

Authorities can't monitor tone

On the real, I can't be bugged, jailed or prosecuted

Permanently terminated, my data file secluded

Eighty passports with multiple visas

New face, that came as a gift from Egypt

Holdin' it down