Eminem30 ส.ค. 2018

Song: Normal

Artist: Eminem

Yo how do I keep I don't know what's up with these hoes

Getting in relationships like this I'm just sayin'

Maybe it says something about me

Should I look in the mirror

I just want you to be normal

Why can't you b**ches be normal

Always gotta be so extra

Why you always need a lecture

My ex hates to talk she's a texter

Even when I'm in bed layin' right next to her

Wants to get back together

Said not till she gets her act together

She thinks I'm bein' mean

And now she starts to scream and shout

She's about to let the demons out

She don't want to see me with other females out

I tell the b**ch to beat it take the scenic route

She retaliates by tryin' to leave the house

In her evening gown with her cleavage out

We've been down this road too many times for me to count

And all I can think about is how

I just want you to be normal

Why can't you b**ches be normal

Always gotta be so extra

Like a f**kin' terrestrial

Guess it comes with the territory

My ex girl she just declared war

Therefore I better prepare for it

I guess bein' weird's normal

And I don't know what's got a hold of me

Most notably I've been zone

I'm totally open hoplessly devoted

So much so that I bet you she don't know that

She's the first thing I think of when

I wake up and the last thing I think of before I go to sleep


Hope she don't notice me goin' through her purse

I know she cheats

She's heartless

No wonder we're partners

Both got hundreds of charges

Domestic disputes but we've always

Swept it under the carpet

Even when 911 gets the call that

I slipped up and busted her jaw with

A Louisville Slugger 'cause alls it

Really does is make our love

For each other grow stronger

She won me over the second she tried to run me over

Told her I'd keep a hun

We all but kicked her out called her back now she's coming over

But why is she so wicked

And how the f**k did I get so twisted

I wish I won someone like a

We're like nitrogen and hydrogen mixed with

Ignitable liquids

But I'm finally seeing

She's only mine for the time being

That's why I keep bringing up that one time she

Tried to two time me

And throw it up in her face till I dry heave

How could I be so naive

Should I leave or turn this entire evening

Into a motherf**king crime scene

Maybe I'm just too ugly to compete with him

You weren't supposed to agree you f**king b**ch

Especially when you're the one cheated first

Now the argument immediately becomes heated

You don't want me flip little conceded cunt

Eat a monkey dick wrapped in a stuffed pita

Fajita slut treat just like a drum

Beat it complete it and once you've succeeded repeat it

I love you but I hope you f**king die though

In our business your friends like to pry so

You've got 'em all under cover just like a most

Hoppin' they'll come back with intel

But I'm the one who's thrown into the spiral

'Cause now the roles are reversed so here I go

Thinkin' I'm sly as I scroll through you're iPhone

Who the f**k's Milo

The guy at work who drives a hi-lo

I put a tracking device on your Crystler

And follow you while you drive home

But like a cyclone I just got my disguise blown

You recognize me and had Milo flip me off

Right out the passenger side window

I hit a light pole you skirt off and then pull up at

5am in the drive in a stretch white limo

Stumble in the side door and hit me head with Milo's demo

But like a drunk bum what do I know

Let's sleep on it like they did Revival

I told you you're the apple of my eye so shut your pie hole

Just wanna be normal

Why can't you be normal

Yeah I just wanna be normal

Why can't you be normal