Male Ego

The Beach Boys10 มิ.ย. 1985


The Beach Boys - Male Ego

Male ego walking down the street


Sees something looking hot and sweet

Hey, baby would you like to meet me tonight?

Male ego is a worldwide game

We love the ladies more than wealth and fame

Lots of girls running through my brain tonight

Male ego is played by all

Chasing ladies and having a ball

Hey girl, I'm gonna give you a call tonight

Don't know why we love to chase those tasty ladies

Betcha boys we'll be doing it in our eighties

Male ego's like a game of chance

The gamble starts with just a glance

You're off and running with a new romance tonight

Male ego won't ever quit

It seems to me from where I sit

We oughta do our bit to capture it tonight

You look nice

What's your name?

You smell nice

What's your name?

I like you

What's your name?

You look sweet

What's your name?

I like you

What's your name?