Leave No Doubt

MINDSET7 ต.ค. 2012


Leave No Doubt - MINDSET

I don't know you

But you know me

I've got my heart on my sleeve

For the whole world to see

I've been down

But I've never been out


Eyes to the sky


Feet on the ground


Right now


More than ever


Call it a curse

But I can't quench my thirst


I've tasted rain

And I've tasted dirt


I'll keep digging until

I bury myself


Give me wisdom

Over health and wealth


Right now


More than ever


I'm not going through the motions

I'm not playing a part

This is the sound

That pounds inside my heart

Nothing to to lose


Nothing to hide


Clenched fists open mind


Leave no doubt


Leave no doubt


Right now


More than ever