Live To Tell

Madonna10 Oct 1990

Live To Tell (以生见证) (Hd Remastered Version|Live) - Madonna (麦当娜)

Written by:Madonna

I have a tale to tell


Sometimes it gets so hard to hide it well


I was not ready for the fall


Too blind to see the writing on the wall


A man can tell a thousand lies


I've learned my lesson well

Hope I live to tell

The secret I have learned

'Till then it will burn inside of me


The truth is never far behind


You've kept it hidden well

If I live to tell the secret I knew then

Will I ever have the chance again


If I ran away


I'd never have the strength

To go very far


How would they hear the beating of my heart

Will it grow cold the secret that I hide


Will I grow old


How will they hear


When will they learn


***Lyrics are from third-parties***

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