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Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony1999年9月7日 23 首歌

Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony brings his elegant passions to the Big Apple in this exciting 2001 concert performance. The dazzled audience erupts at the singer's knockout, Spanish-language openers, "Y Hubo Alguien" and "Contra la Corriente," swoons to his exultant "You Sang to Me," and hangs on every marvelous syllable in the exquisitely phrased "When I Dream at Night." Anthony's material occasionally slides into bathos ("That's Okay"), but at his best he can go from big band salsa ("Nadie Como Ella") to Burt Bacharach-flavored pop-soul ("My Baby You") to gorgeous, breathless ballads ("Da la Vuelta") without breaking a sweat. But when he needs all engines firing at once, such as on his hot-hot-hot big hit, "I Need to Know," the tension and power are delicious. Watching Anthony work a stadium crowd--gliding, dancing, playing to every corner--reminds one of Mick Jagger's playbook.
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