My Sweetest One (Fate/hollow ataraxia edit)


Open The Doors (Fate/hollow ataraxia edit) - Aimer (エメ)

詞:Keita Haga Kaori Fukano


Always together with you


Nothing can keep us apart

There's nothing to fear


Our future is waiting ahead


All the days we left behind all right


When left in the dark alone this moment

There's a feeling that fills my heart and mind


You are not around no more


Looking everywhere for you thinking of you


Anxiety attacking i'm forgetting how to breathe

I'm losing sleep insomnia


I need to hear your voice now

Right by my side whispering

You're my comfort zone i want you with me

Open the doors for you

But i'm running out the door i opened for you


Future connection unconsciously

Moving closer to our truth

Over lapping energy surrounded by bright blue lights


Never ending forever

Hold on beyond the happiness the future


All the promises we made

I promise to keep for they are meant to be kept


Anytime just for you i will walk with you by your side by side


Future connection unconsciously

I'll create everything with you

Image of infinity path of light to happiness