Le Méridien

Yann Tiersen2001年10月5日


Le Mridien - Yann Tiersen (揚·提爾森)

Accross the river thames


On a sunday morning


The smell of the air


A tiny noise


Dark blades of grass


Trees and big clouds


Factory smokes


And plastic balloons


Moving around the meridian line


And hearing from here


Some silly jokes


Familys strolls


Children circles


Couples kissing


And grand'ma's sitting


Today there's a frontier


A big white line


Today season's changing


What's comming next


Everything is in it's write place


Today someone is missing


This a point blank


A little later


On a sunday night


Sitting on a train


Under the sea


Lights are flashing


Speed and fat boys


Computer's screens


Smoking second classe


No troubles here


A safety place


Drinking coffee


In a plastic cup


Wrinting postcards


Nothing in mind


All is quiet


Under control


Tonight there's a frontier


A big white line


Wright on the middle


Of the channel


Tonight I'm back in France


What's comming next


Tonight someone's missing


This is a point blank