No Restrictions (Album Version)

Men At Work1991年3月26日


No Restrictions - Men At Work


Give me no restrictions on what I do or say


Don't speak of tomorrow when it's still today


Leave me to my selfish ways I'm well enough alone


That is what I tell myself as I stumble home


Derelict across the street in the garbage bin


Looks like he's found something neat judging by his grin


Such a long long way to go hope I get there soon


Wish I could jump a great height and land in my front room



Wake up in the morning make sure I'm still alive


Percolate the coffee opens up my eyes


Hear the cricket calling switch on the TV


Sit and stare for hours and cheer Dennis Lillee



Through the de-restriction zone we pass a long wide load

Laugh at the reflections of cat's eyes on the road

Freeways hypnotize me up up and away


Hope we make it home tonight

Be that as it may