For Her

Wiz Khalifa2013年4月20日

For Her - Wiz Khalifa


Higher than you ever been in yo

Motherf**kin life ni**a


Without even tryin


Uh the game got a grip never slip

Could tell by the way I got my hands on it


Started at the bottom but now my money's

So motherf**kin tall I could stand on it


Ain't just happened homie I planned on it

You think you better

Don't just talk bout it put some grands on it


Sleep in Cali woke up in France

Harlem took the life I live

Chose to talk bout it now my fans on it


Now it's Dior all on my pants homie

Don't know where I'm goin'

My schedule full so I can't call it


So much w**d you see all them grams fallin

Rollin' so much up that my fingers startin to cramp on me


Hear you talkin' bout what I am

On top of that sh*t you sayin you gotta say rich as f**k

When you mention us

I get a hold of the bummest and I twist it up

Them Cadillac's in Atlanta front just to pick us up


Oh please won't you put me at ease


I'm chilling inside


My feelings tied


How will I know this is real


Usually I end up


Foolishly I end up


Give it all the love I own


Then to my dismantle to you


Was just another day


You weren't even fun


Same sh*t


Hell I woke up to the jump

Cartoons and cereal

A coup with 0 miles and oatmeal interior

These chicks digging my style

I'm sensei in the superior

To whatever you doin right now

And whatever you plan to get into

I'm just clackin my mouth

On the road to these riches

These hoes waving and flading

But I don't pay em no attention

I'm all about my empire

We just tryin to get bigger

We want the plan inside us

These snakes tryna get with us

They lookin for the co sign

But a real ni**a don't give a f**k

I'm too busy getting high

You can hitch a ride on another truck

Now excuse me as I kiss the sky

Peace signs to baby girl before she try to kiss me blah

She miss me like the sun in her eyes

Can't catch a butterfly

Kush castles in the sky

The only hason is when I smash and go she wanna cry


I get dressed

She wonder where I'm goin'g or why


So don't choose


I can't stand to be hurt again


If you flow it's just today


Then smoke and walk away


But please don't tease


Oh please won't you put me at ease


Oh please


Won't you set me at ease



Oh please

Please won't you put me at ease


Won't you set me at ease



Oh please


Won't you set me at ease



Oh please


If you feel it's just a day


Then smile and walk away