I Got Yours

Sophie Zelmani2007年2月14日

Over a night

I got yours and no others

Now we will make a life

Of thouse hours

I got yours

On a misty height

So by the morning

I knew all about treasures

Where it was going

Nothing but measures

I got yours

In front of the fading sun

During the day we would talk about


You said I was late

But that you knew I was coming

I got yours

In the enlightened night

And later this evening

I was so full of you

Now I only have things

I must not ever lose

I'm yours

So let every morning come


Just after midnight

You said now I can't go

Back where you can't follow

I must stay with you

I'll be yours

Forever will be the shortest time

Over a night

I got yours and I love you

So light and so easy

I love you I love you

I'm yours

I am yours



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