Good Morning Midnight (Interlude)

Janelle Monáe2013年9月10日


- Janelle Monáe (加奈兒·夢奈)

Good morning midnight

This is DJ Crash Crash

Your favorite robotic

Hypnotic psychotic DJ

Here bringing you the jam

Caller you are on the air

What's up y'all

I just want to say power up to the Droid Rebel Alliance

And the Get Free crew

Yes yes sister power up power up

Also I wanna say The Droid Control can kiss the rust of the left

And right cheek of my black metal a**


We gonna take to the club tonight

And break some rules in honor of Cyn-di

To the club I love that I love that Which rule you gonna break


We're going to break all of them

We're going to start at the top

And we gonna work our way down

Woo Can I come with you tho

I wanna work my way down with you Caller you're on the air

They call me Ninja Bat Leeroy

Otherwise known as BaBaBaSay

Wha I just want to say that

I'm tired of all these folks messing with us droids

Kicking us all up in the head and wonder

Why we don't sit straight Messing with Cyndi

Got this sh*t crazy

That's why we're going down to Dark Park tonight

We're gonna hit somebody in the head And we

Woah woah woah

That's that ignorant rusty-dusty nano-thinking nonsense

I been warning y'all about

Please stay away from fools like that

Love not war we're tired of fires quiet no riots

We are jamming dancing and loving

Don't throw no rock

Don't break no glass just shake your a**


Ooh just shock it shake it baby with the Electric Lady

Here at 105 5 WDRD