B-Side Blues

Lenny Kravitz2013年9月23日


B-Side Blues - Lenny Kravitz


One two free end





I'm so tired and I'm all burn down


Say I'm so tired


And I'm all burn down


They say I got to write some new songs


But I'm all time down




They gimme six days to rise myself


Hmm ahah


And I can't get no sleep


Six days to rise myself


And I can't get no sleep


My complains of my ass


I can't get no release


Hey hey yeah haahaha Yeah




I was born long ago

That sells right


I'm the choosen I'm the one Hey hey

Sing the song sell those records


Repeat yourself do it again one more time




I don't ever do nothing twice


And I feel just fine ahah


Take this song and shut up your ass


Yeah ahahahah Talk fully


Yeah Mother records give me that star

Hey ahahahah


Gonna be a big famous Rock and Roll star

Gonna buy a new car

Yeah Hey Yeah