Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Digitally Remastered: 1999)

Dionne Warwick1999年4月11日


Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - Dionne Warwick

Some things I've never let go off

My friends my friends are like Dorris

Beverly and Cheryl

Tonight you're mine completely

You give your love ever ever ever so sweetly

Tonight tonight the light light of love is in your eyes

But will you love me tomorrow

Is this a lasting is this a lasting treasure

Or is it for you just a moments pleasure

Can I can I believe the magic of your sigh

Tell me will you still love me tomorrow

Tonight with words left unspoken

For you say yes you say that I'm the only one

Oh but will my heart will my heart be broken

When the night meets the morning sun


And I'd like to know I've got to know that your love

Is a love that I always undoubtedly can be sure

So tell me now that I'm in love with you

Got to know

Will you will you oh will you

Will you oh will you oh will you

Still love me tomorrow