Donkey Serenade

Perry Como2014年6月14日

Donkey Serenade (驢子小夜曲) - Perry Como (佩裏·科莫)

There's a song in the air


But the fair senorita


Doesn't seem to care


For the song in the air


So I'll sing to my mule

If you're sure she won't think that

I am just a fool

Serenading a mule


Amigo mio does she not have a dainty bray

She listens carefully to each little word we play


La bella Senorita

Si si mi muchachito

She'd love to sing it too if only she knew the way

But try as she may

In her voice there's a flaw

And all that the lady can say


Is "E-E-AW "


There's a light in her eye


Tho' she may try to hide it

She cannot deny


There's a light in her eye


Oh the charm of her smile

So beguiles all who see her

That they'd ride a mile

For the charm of her smile


Amigo mio is she listenin' to my song


No no mi muchachito how could you be so wrong


La bella Senorita

Si Si la senorita

If she knew all the words

Well maybe she'd sing along

Her face is a dream


Like an angel I saw


But all that my darlin' can scream


Is: "E-E-AW "

Senorita donkey sita not so fleet as a mosquito

But so sweet like my Chiquita

You're the one for me

You're the one for me