Joan Baez2013年1月14日


Silkie - Joan Baez (瓊·貝茲)

An earthly nurse sits and sings

And aye she sings a lily wean -

"Little ken I my bairn's father


Far less the land where he dwells in "


For he's come one night

To her bed's foot


And a grumly guest I'm sure he'd be


Saying "Here am I thy bairn's father


Although I be not comely


"I am a man upon the land


I am a silkie on the sea

And when I'm far and far from land


My home it is the sule skerrie "


And he has ta'en a purse of gold


And he had placed it upon her knee


Saying "Give to me my little young son


And take thee up thy nurse's fee


"And I should come to pas on a summer's day


When the sun shine's bright


On every stane


I'll come and fetch my little young son


And teach him how to swim the faem


"And ye shall marry a gunner bold


And a right fine gunner

I'm sure he'll be


And the very first shot

That ever he shoots


Will kill both my young son and me "