You Fascinate Me So

Peggy Lee2012年2月1日

You Fascinate Me So - Peggy Lee (佩吉·李)

I have a feeling that beneath

The little halo on your noble head


There lies a thought or two

The devil might be interested to know


You're like the finish of a novel

That I'll finally have to take to bed


You fascinate me so


I fee like Christopher Columbus

When I'm near enough to contemplate


The sweet geography descending

From your eyebrow to your toe


The possibilities are more than

I can possibly enumerate


That's why you fascinate me so


So sermonize and preach to me


Make your sanctimonious little speech to me


But oh my darling you forgive

My inability to concentrate


I think I'm dealing with a powder

Keg that's just about to blow


Will the end result deflate me


Or will you annihilate me you


Fascinate me you


Annihilate me you


Fascinate me so



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