Guys and Dolls

Bobby Darin2004年11月23日


Guys And Dolls (紅男綠女) - Bobby Darin

When you see a guy


Reach for stars in the sky


You can beat that he's doin' it

For some doll


When you spot a john

Waitin' out in the rain


Chances are he's insane

As only a john can be for a jane


When you meet the gent


Who pays all kinds of rent


For a flat that would just flatten

The taj mahal


Call it sad call it funny


But it's better than even money


That the guy's only doin' it

For some doll


When you see a dame


Change the shape of her frame


You can lay odds she's takin' if off

For some guy


When you find a doll

With her diamond in hock


Bet your life that the rock


Is goin' to restock some gentlemen jock


When you see a mouse


Hurry scurry out of the house


And she runs twenty blocks

For cigars and rye


Call if dumb say it's clever


But you can give odds forever


That the doll's only doin' it


The guy's havin' her do it


Everybody's doin' it

For some guy