Deep Song

Billie Holiday2012年10月2日

Deep Song (深深之歌) - Billie Holiday (比莉.荷莉戴)

Lonely grief is hounding me


Like the lonely shadow hounding me


It's always there just out of sight


Like a fragling tree on a lightening night


Lonely wind cries out my name


Sad as haunted music in the rain


It's born of grief and born of woe


But I hear it call and I've got to go


Where can I be headed for


The blues call in my north


To lick my heart once more


Love lives in a lonely land


Where there's no helping hand to understand


Why does it bring this hate to me


Why it don't matter why


I only know misery has to be part of me


Never hope to count on love


To be a partner of that heaven above


Never hope to understand


Love is a barrel land


A lonely land a lonely land



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