Blame It on the Summer Night

Debbie Gibson2014年9月3日

Blame It on the Summer Night - Debbie Gibson

Written by:Schwartz

Oh it's way past time


When I should be home in bed


But I'm standing here


On this moonlit street instead


I want to drink the breeze in


And bathe in lantern light


Oh my reason's gone

And I blame it on the summer night


I see couples pass


And their eyes are luminous


And they smile at me as if to say


You're one of us


What's going on here


The street is full of lunatics


Sharing some pagan right

If we're here 'til dawn


We can blame it on the summer night


I keep remembering I've


Fiery pale in the moonlight


Spinning my heart into an endless flight


But I'm not to blame


It's just the shameless summer night


I've got to stop this


I've never felt so giddy


Why are the stars so bright


Through the streets I wonder and


Blame it on the summer night


Maybe the sun will come through

Oh maybe the morning will save me


Clearing my mind

Giving me back my fight


But for now I'm stuck


In the sweet seductive summer night