How'd Ya Do It Dee


Yeah one two one two

And I say

As we let the music play

This is dedicated to Ruddy Ray

From all the homeboys around the way


So def it won't get an F

Jay receives an A for his essay


Spins til you're dizzy


Born to get busy

Is he the Jam Master

Isn't he or is he

And my name is DMC

The K I N G

The car that I drive is called a Caddy

The drink that I drink is called OE

And I wear my glasses so I can see

My homeboy right next to me

His name is DJ Run

Shoots a gift like a gun

Slays suckers one by one


Rather chill than kill

Cause the killing's no fun

So together forever

Crew be tougher than leather

We gonna slay the bad ones

Until there are none


RunDMC's award nominee


The K I N G's of all M i c's

Like Hercules with rhymes like these


Never crackin not lackin and I still pull G's


Well I ah impress the bad suggest the rad

Who be less when they fess against the test

And I insist that this with a flick of the wrist

Will be kid not dissed at the top of the list

So go a-head and stand check out the man

With a clan never ran and in demand


So just a

Bust a rhyme

It's a must cause I'm

Funky fresh in the flesh and you know the time

Why don't ya bust it son

Cause I'm number one

Just do it pursue it

Hit it Run

Yo I'm flowin and showin rocks knots and shockin the mind

I'm only chillin and killin so won't you check out the rhyme

Meetin greatin and seatin suckers all in a row


Crashin mashin and bashin my name is Run call me Joe

Fat as ever and clever and never second to none

Wearin leather and better What's your name DJ Run


But in the summer's a bummer cause I leave em at home

Just Adidas and me and J and D on the phone

Diggin eyein the crown sellin skills by the pound

Makin breakin and takin aroundall of the suckers


Puttin fear in the heart at the top of the chart

Stunning gunning and funning cause Run's running this art


DJ's facing the rage never losing a show

Cause when the set is a match then they're ready to go

Swervin curvin deservin the grass grow everyday

Cause makin money ain't funny ain't that right JMJ


Full in effect set comin correct

Yet gainin respect still breakin a neck

I'm coolin and chillin not foolin with illin


On the mission it's thrillin and I'll make a killin

My higher desire go high and then fly ya


Makes me the messiah I'll neve rretire


I'm spankin and bankin high rankin and skankin


Improvising suprising I'm rising and flaking


My boys on the side the front and the back

A Cadillac and a stack for the King Darryl Mack

Not workin for free pocket full with a G

And they always ask me DMC How'd ya do it Dee

On the go with Joe makin pay with Jay

All day why Cause I'm livin that way

One wonders what How it gets done

I hear questions from who From everyone


I'm cool I broke the rule


Breakin all but laws when I break fool

Cause I'm the man that was born to rule

Every girl in the world and make them drool

It's easy to be it's easy to D

It's easy to G it's easy to me


Wanna know how I do it got a goal I pursue it

Got the soul to get to it you so was told you knew it

The answers from questions I'm tellin to thee

Cause they always ask me DMC How'd ya do it Dee