Sue Answer

Chuck Berry2014年3月24日


Sue Answer - Chuck Berry (查克·貝里)

If I don't letter get from sue tomorrow


I'm a catch the next eastbound je je je jet

I done write her four wrotes now in a row

And I ain't got nare a heard ye ye ye yet


Writ I sue an' her told if I don't somethin' see soon

I'm a have ta start sneckin' in d d d d d d doors

She writ back and sey if you don't send somethin' soon

I'm a have to sell somethin' of y y y y y yours


Sue don't allow me to m m mess around

She say the folks back home begin to t t t t talk

I got to get my reputation b b back again

And settle down and start walkin' the ch ch ch ch chalk


What be lookin' good to d'goose


Is gotta be groovy to d'g g g g gand

Two birdies in a bush ain't worth as much as one

Twitchin' right there in yo' h h hand


I sent sue somethin' so I b b be safe

She writ and sey I mighty nigh b b b blew it


It won't matter which one wh what you do


It b be's in the way dat you d d d d d do it