Papa Crazy


Papa Crazy - Run-DMC

Now papa don't give a damn or say "Thank you ma'am"

Eatin filet mignon lobster tails and crab

He eats the finest FOOD he ain't the kindest DUDE

And then to put it to you straight he's CRAZY LAZY AND RUDE

His temper's boiling hot whether you like him or not

Not to mention bout his mansion and his big ol' yacht

He never gave me a dime or even spent some time


And that's why I had to cold write this rhyme about


Chorus: Jam Master scratch "papa was" Run-D M C "papa crazy" "crazy" (2X)


Now papa livin like a rich man up on the hill

Yeah my daddy got a Caddy funky fresh Seville


He got diamonds AND FURS for his AND HERS


And a cat in the hat that just chills and purrs


Now he eats and grubs and rocks beats at clubs

While mama makin nothin while she sweeps and rubs

You wanna know about his dough how he got paid

Well the last THAT ASKED got sprayed AND LAID because




Papa hang with CRAZY people CRAZY times of the night

Runnin round with CRAZY women but but that's alright because


Yo Run my papa was CRAZY crazy as can be

And my mama said that he left ME when I was three

But my mama never told me he was out of his mind

Drinkin wine all the time never earnin a dime

He didn't care where he slept or where his clothes were kept

He was so in debt somebody broke his neck

And on the day that papa died they wrote on his grave

That "Papa died a bum but he died brave " because


ad libs to last 25 seconds music eventually ends