Un Poco Loco

Anthony Gonzalez, Gael Garcia Bernal2017年12月1日

Un Poco Loco - Anthony Gonzalez/Gael Garcia Bernal

Written by:Adrian Molina/Germaine Franco


Ahhhhhh-ahh ayy


What color' the sky

Ay mi amor ay mi amor


You tell me that it's red ay mi amor ay mi amor

Where should I put my shoes

Ay mi amor ay mi amor

You say put them on your head


Ay mi amor ay mi amor


You make me un poco loco un poquititito loco

The way you keep me guessing I'm nodding and I'm yesing

I'll count it as a blessing

That I'm only un poco loco


The loco that you made me

It is just un poco crazy


The sense that you're not making

The liberties you're taking


You're just un poco loco


Un poquititititititititi titititito loco



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