Sucker D.J.'S



Sucker D.J.'S - Run-DMC

And you say as we go with the rhyme flow

Just to let you know Darryl and Joe

Featurin' DJ Jam Master Jay

All the motherf**kin' way

One time just to blow your mind

And this is how we do it

Just for the people


Sucker D J 's are really crazy clowns

Clowns cold clockin' clowns

When will they learn that they had by the pounds

Pounds cold clockin pounds

Sucker D J 's bite our lines up all damn day

All all damn day

Sucker D J 's that's on Jam Master Jay

Uh ah ah ah

Jam Master aiyyo

The crew is here with you a check it out y'all

Jam Master ah tell me

What the f**k you gonna do