Is It True? (2013 Remaster) (Remastered)

The Eagles2018年11月1日

Is It True - Eagles


How come you love him

When he takes you for a fool


He's only looking for a good time


How can he love you when he

Treats you mean and cruel


He's not the best thing that you could find


Is it true


I can't believe it


Is it true


I just can't see it


Is it true


Is that you


When we were young

We didn't really have a care


You were hung up

I had a good line


I never knew it then

But man I was in love


How could I know it was the right time


Is it true


You've lost that feeling


Is is true


You might be leaving


Is it true


Don't wanna find out


Yes I was so wrong


For leading you on


There wasn't much I could do


I was a wild one


But I can change some


If that's important to you


Is it true you've lost that feeling


Is it true you might be leaving


Is it true


Is it true


She's really leaving


She's really leaving


She's really leaving