Do It Like This (Album Version)

Black Eyed Peas2010年1月1日

Hey bet you can't bet you can't do it like this

Bet you can't bet you can't do it like this

Bet you can't rock it like this

Bet you can't rock it like this

1 2 3 to the 4

Comin to your hood like a scum is so

Fergie rock the beat down to the gresso

I spit it clean just like listo ring

I'm so official that's why I'm rockin this rockin this whistle

I maybe disco parkin lady nipples

When I dj I turn the bass up to chicko

The girls with the big big booties

I'm straight chillin coolin out with cuties

21 and over ain't messin with juvies

Girls always talkin bout "I ain't no groupie"

I ain't stupie I know what the truth be

You was up chillin with Yeezy last week

You nasty a minute you nasty

Tryin to act classy ask him for a glass please

Grab a glass and get wet

Ask him for some bubbles so we I gave em away

I said I don't want trouble but she said she won't get

Busy cause she busy so we sell this jet

We did and we did it and we did it like this


I said I bet you can't bet you can't rock it like that


Bet you can't bet you can't do-do-do-do-do-do-do

Do it like me so fresh so clean

This beats crazy this beast I've seen

This sh*t's nice this sh*t's so mean

Mean mean your not mean

This beats crack that mean ya'll feans

This sh*t's hot ni**a lettin off steam

This is like a movie action scene

Ring ring ring like a machine

This sh*t's money ni**a this sh*t's green

This sh*t is terrifyin halloween

This sh*t is gimme your q-q-queen

And that means I'm the wha-wha- king


Bet you can't bet you can't ya-ya ya ya

Rock the casper rock the dancer

I want pu-nannies someone give me belly dancer

Who got the answer for the dancer

Nobody know but I got music to announce ya

Block blocka mommy call me papa

I stay on top of great chicks like shocka

Zunu I'm the sh*t you the c***a

Who are you I'm the future hip-hoppa

Mega ni**a this ni**a bigger

Why hold the gun if you can't pull the trigger

Why you stay you do it when you know you can't deliver

Why your dreams locked up if you got a weak liver

Ha ha ha ha

I'm a love her not to fighter

Love dunna like turn into a dick liker

Ha ha ha ha

I'm the big chief rocka

Shootin up your block like blocka-blocka


Bet you can't bet you can't do it like that

Yo try it tr-tr-try it

Can't rock it like this

I'm the new nick matic

Black acrobatic

Alien 'bout to invade galactic

Ladies climb maxin

Off of my axin

Philipino comin to the US mashin

Lazer flashin big ghetto blastin

Vodka water down for some action

Check it out now the funk so brother

And right about now you know I'm on the other


But you can't rock it like me though

Ni**a say I'm dute white

Girls say I'm neeto

I rock wave forms a f**kin with no neeto

Music revolution like underground beetles

Yeaaa you can't rock it like us

Stop listen

B**ch you need to shut the f**k up

Cause this beat bangs a banger

I'm on a mission

Knock em out to submission

I'm on a mission

Start the ignition

I got an intuition

Tonights gonna be a good good exhibition

Let's blow it up like nitro glistron

Hope you don't have no heart condition

Think you can rock it like this you're wishin

It's the new definition

Of part demolition

You can't rock it like this

Shut the new composition


Let's shoot em down with the killer ammunition

I got a proposition