We Live This Shit (LP Version)

Cypress Hill2003年6月1日

Artist:cypress hill

Songs Title:we live this sh*t


Eastside la


Cypress hill all day

Spark the la


We live this sh*t

We uptide








Well its the alleycat looking for the buddhasack


On my side is my ese can't f**k with that


Starting out venom but if you wanna bill though

Come in peace and you can come on the hill bro


But if it ain't in peace bro turn it to a homicide

Throw you in the trunk take a ride to the eastside

Its a suicide when you're f**king with the hill


Fool drop your weapon or I'm comming for the kill


Duck from the gunshots that is sticking to ya


Standing all alone shotgun goes boo-ya


Watch it go through ya

Ya smelling like manure

Fools all bloody body chilling in the sewer


Enemys a viewer I'm sipping on caluha


Sitting back chilling with my ni**a sonduhla


Heading to the eastside watch your back busta


Ain't no hood for you here its all about the hustlas


Rhyme for my neighbourhoud banging out hits


For ever backing up that cypress hill click


To my man on the corner with the shotgunshell

Singing sad songs for the ones that fell


To me its kind of funny watching all these dummies


Straight turn tricks for the fame and the money

Walk a little bold cause their record went gold


Got him a new ride and up rid it their ho

Need this looking raw before you come acting

Flexing on some brothers that is twelve times platinum

Cause I been there

Done that

Fool check the format

Sweep you and that b******t under the doormat


Put it to your grill like I don't give a damn

Sen dog and the hill still f**king up the program

Yeah yall, that big bad cypress and perro up in that place


What the f**k you wanna do now huh?

Kicking that funky cypress hill sh*t


Think I blast another give them something to deal with

Cause I'm the ill one

Oh the cap-peel one

You comming round the hill f**king son I gotta spill one


Now I'm heading to the eastside looking for revival


Living on the eastside fighting for survival


Gotta be nifty with the han and trying to show yo

Wittnesses cause people will use it to kill your show yo

Off to the stone garden you go and stay there


When I'm dead I'm bringing my music to play there

For all the soldiers, moneyfolders, you're on my shoulders


You can't hold us back I'm spitting out boulders


Crushing every opponent in opposition

I know you're wishing that I would bow to submission