Forever My Love

Carly Simon2008年1月21日

Forever My Love - Carly Simon

Words of love


Softly spoken

Like clouds above


Drift away

What shall I say

To let you know the way I feel

Should I cry out loud that love is real


Or simply reveal

Forever my love


Time alone will tell us


Lovers born in may

May grow bitter and jealous

Faded and gray

What shall I say


It's not another lovers game


It doesn't seem to have a name


It changes and remains the same

Forever my love my love


Yesterday's projection will never really know

But tomorrow's recollection will surely know

It was so

Between us


Ain't no other way


Time has seen us


Day after day

What shall I say


That isn't in the way I act


That will carry through the years intact

I'm lookin' forward to lookin' back

From further in down the track

Together in fact

Forever my love my love my love

My love



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