Salem's Interlude



I think I'm fearful of things like travelling

I'm fearful of failure

I'm fearful of being embarrassed,

Things like that I think hinder me

From doing the best that I can sometimes

But I think that if I learn to be less fearful

I would get further

I feel like I'm not always

In the correct direction,

Even though I know I'm on the right path

I'm like "I'm on the right path"

But am I walking the right way or should I be turning around

Like little things like that that

I go back And forth About in my head

And I think it's always nice to have reassurance

I think it's really nice to see how far

Being a genuine person can get you

For me at least, like I think

That's the reason that I am where I am

I think That I am a big mix of all the people around me

And I'm just happy

I can't complain about anything

Oh yeah

That I'm trying to get so motherfucking high, nigga

I don't wanna feel nothing (wait, what?)