Whispering Grass (Don't Tell The Trees) [2002 - Remastered] (2002 - Remastered)

Kay Starr2011年8月16日

Whispering Grass(Don't Tell The Trees) (2002 - Remastered) - Kay Starr

Why do you whisper green grass


Why tell the trees what ain't so


Whispering Grass

The trees don't have to know


Why tell them all your secrets


Who kissed there long long ago


Whispering grass

The trees they don't need to know


Don't you tell it to the breeze

Cause she will tell the birds and bees

And everyone will know because you told the blabbering trees

Yes you told them once before

It's no secret any more


Why tell them all the old things

They're buried under the snow


Whispering Grass don't tell the trees

Cause the trees don't need to know