Uh uh uh uh uh

Uh wait a minute now


Uh uh

Can you hear me out there

Lunatics is y'all ready

Let me hear ya



I'm a sucka for corn rows and manicured toes (hey)

Fendi capri pants and Parasuco's (alright)

Passadity city with one or two throws

I'm draftin 'em outta high school straight into the pros

Who knows I know

And I love it when you make your knees touch your elbows

And break it down low to the flo' and there you go

Now throw it on me slow

And everytime I bust a ryhme baby "Gimme Some Mo'"

You say you like that when I hit it from behind

And I'll be right back; yeah that's my very next line

I use it - time after time when I'm speakin my mind

It's no matter if I'm shootin game to a pigeon or dime

I ask her "Who dat is talkin that sh*t about the 'tics "

Somebody probably jealous cause they b**ch got hit

But ain't nobody else droppin sh*t like this

Should we apologize Nah f**k 'em just leave 'em pissed HEY

Chorus: repeat 2X

Andele andele mami E I E I

Uh-ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh What's happenin now

Andele andele mami E I E I

Uh-ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh If the head right Nelly there every night



We can gamble to the break of dawn ni**a

Money long ni**a

Pass up the skirt to talk to the thong ni**a

Some say I'm wrong but f**k it I'm grown ni**a

If you ain't bout money then best be gone ni**a

I'm flashy double takes when you walk past me

Nasty don't be scared boo go 'head and ask me

I drive fastly call me Jeff Gord-on

In the black SS with the naviga-tion

See the joint blaz-on somethin smells amaz-on

I got a chick rollin up half black and asi-an

Another one pag-in tellin me to come home

Her husband on vacation and left her home alone

I used the V-12 powers; weight loss powers

From +Phat Farm+ to +Iceberg Slim+ in one shower

Get a room in Trump Towers just to hit the P hours

Kicked the b**ch up out the room cause she used the word ours HEY



Aiyyo I smash-mouth a whole ounce of that sticky

Wash my hands under a gold spout when feelin icky

Let go off in a ho's mouth I ain't picky

Start frontin when the shows out - whatchu mean

Twenty inches when they roll ouuuuuuut - come and get me

Big faces when they fold ouuuuuuut - is you wit me

Don't make me pull that 44 ouuuuuuut

I keep it closer when the dough ouuuuuuut

Then I slide up in the Escalade

Me and E gettin solid like the Ice Capades

And me and Heezy - frosty Roger the Rabbit and Bugsy

You understand me wrapped wrists like mummies

If you compare me to your local grocery

Then you'll see I got more carrots/karats than "Aisle D"

More bread than "Aisle G" then bag and scan me

+Sure+ like +Al B + meet the 'tics in Maui HEY



St Louis y'all uh uh



Uh can you feel that

Lunatics y'all uh uh


Uh uh Uncle Phil up above y'all uh uh


Yell it universal y'all uh uh


Uh uh chillin chillin chillin with the crew y'all