Baby Doll

Andy Williams2013年6月19日


Baby Doll - Andy Williams (安迪·威廉斯)

Written By:Andy Williams/Hopkins


That baby doll oooohh


Look out for her ba-a-a-aby doll



The amateur

There's many a guy who'll sing you these blues


His dream was a lie his hearts in his shoes


He wasn't so green in ways he was smart


Till she hit the scene and she took him apart


He'll tell you as plain as day


Keep away from baby doll

That baby doll

Look out for her

You'll see in her eyes the warning you should


You oughta be ooh-eyed she'll lose you but good


As long as she's warm the living is sweet

Then she'll raise a storm you're back on the street


You might as well know my friend that's the end


You're cooked you're through

My friend you're through


You're cooked you're through

She was my baby doll and she'll do the same to you

That baby doll


Look out for her